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Tribute to a friend

Days like today and news like this makes one stop and think and take stock. Seriously. This morning we heard that a dear friend of ours left this life and went to be with Jesus. My husband, Peter, had been … Continue reading

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Under Construction

Several weeks ago we had our driveway repaved. The project really needed to be done. There were cracks and hollows in the pavement, weeds were sprouting up through the weak spots, and it was fast becoming an eyesore. As we … Continue reading

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Always a Winner

Ever play Tetris Battle? It’s an internet game one of my kids introduced me to. I love it! Wikipedia tells me that Tetris Battle ranks in the top 10 games of daily active users on Facebook. As of February 2012, … Continue reading

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The Honest Truth

I love my grandchildren. They bring great delight to my heart. They make me laugh and help me to appreciate again the simple things of life. I learn so much from them. Just recently I was able to spend a … Continue reading

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When Life Slaps You Around

Sometimes life slaps you around and sends you reeling. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and hope it was all a bad dream — but it wasn’t. Sometimes someone speaks terrible words that clutch your heart and and squeeze … Continue reading

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Is it Fiction, or is it Real?

As an English major I am fascinated by literature. I love reading. I enjoy many different genres. I feed on fiction and non-fiction alike. But it’s important to know the difference. A number of years ago I read a book … Continue reading

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Backs Against the Wall

The past 3 1/2 months have been an interesting time for Peter and me. Once again the road of life has taken an unexpected bend. We have been jostled and jumbled, shifted and shoved. Our faith has been stretched, our … Continue reading

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