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Always a Winner

Ever play Tetris Battle? It’s an internet game one of my kids introduced me to. I love it! Wikipedia tells me that Tetris Battle ranks in the top 10 games of daily active users on Facebook. As of February 2012, … Continue reading

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Butterfly Kisses

Yesterday my attention was captured by a young daddy and his beautiful little girl.  This papa held his daughter, who was probably about a year old, so tenderly it seemed to me a picture of holy love.  He had eyes … Continue reading

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Blessed by a Barbeque

Yesterday Peter and I  were involved in a neighborhood party sponsored by the Life Group that we’re part of at our church. A number of us gathered to provide a free barbeque, friendly conversation and a front yard soccer game … Continue reading

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I am who I am

God is pretty awesome. At least I think He is. He can’t be compared to any other being. He is eternal,  almighty. He is the fount of all wisdom and knowledge, mercy and grace. He is love and forgiveness, comfort … Continue reading

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