A Tale of Two Stories

This past week our grand-daughters, Sophie (almost 6) and Alivia (3), were spending sister time together at home. Here’s what happened, as reported by their mom:

Sophie: “hey Livie, let’s play Moses and pharaoh. I’ll be Moses. LET MY PEOPLE GO!”

Do you ever get your stories mixed up?

Do you ever get your story mixed up?

I do.

Daily I need to go back to the original manuscript for life written by the Master Storyteller, the Author Himself. The Bible is still the best-selling book of all time. It’s a fantastic account of God’s plans and purposes for His creation and for His children. It has an incredible beginning and an even more incredible end.

It’s history. It’s His-Story. It’s my story. It can be yours as well whether you know it now, or not.

Learning and living the story well is a life-long adventure of reading, study, and prayer. You need a humble spirit and a teachable heart. You need to come to the end of yourself. You need to accept that you’ll never get out of this life alive without the help of Someone bigger than you.

Sometimes I lose my way temporarily. I get side-tracked, misinterpret parts, wish I could omit certain sections.

But the Author has told the story just so for a reason. Its truths are constant and sure. The details of how His-story is lived out are as unique as each individual. But the beginning and the end never change.

Alivia had it right even though she made up her own tale using two different stories. The Hebrew people, as well as the three little pigs, were in bondage to a cruel oppressor. They each went through several rounds of being denied liberty. But in different ways, they stood their ground until breakthrough came. The good news is that, in the end, the people – and the piggies – got freed.

The same is true for us – we’re all in bondage. We have an enemy who delights in oppressing us, and refuses to let us go. We desperately need a Saviour. Only through His work in our lives do we have a hope in heaven of finding true and lasting freedom.

So get the story straight.

I invite you to read the Bible – some have called it Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

God’s Word will keep you on the path of life – seldom easy, but always fulfilling. It will protect you from confusion. It will guard you from the mistake of creating a story with your own tragic ending.

Oh … and just in case you’re wondering — when Moses cried out “Let my people go!”, Pharaoh did declare a resounding “No!” –  at least the first few times.

(And he probably did have hair on his chinny chin chin!).


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