A Mother’s Song

My eldest son, Joe, married the love of his life and his best friend last weekend.  What a beautiful and heart-felt service! When two people in love exchange their pledges of life-long faithfulness with tear-filled eyes and voices broken with emotion, it stirs something deep in the human soul. I am so truly happy that the Lord brought them together.

“A Mother’s Song” by T. Carter was my selection for the Mother/Son dance at the wedding party.  I tried (with limited success, but much sincerity) to sing these words to Joe as we shared those few precious moments together on the dance floor:

“So on this blessed day, there’s so much I want to say,

but above all I thank God for the man that you are.

With a tender smile and a twinkle in your eye,

I wrap you in my arms and whisper this advice:

Be strong, be kind, be patient and in time

you’ll find out, my son, what true love is all about.

Be faithful and be true, show love in all you do,

then you’ll know just how you make your mother proud.

You’ve made your mother proud.”

My first-born, my son … I thank God for the man he’s become. He has a tender smile and he loves to have fun.  He is strong, he is kind, he is patient. He’s discovering what true love is all about – He has been pursuing the Lord with passion for many years, he is blessed with a wonderful group of dedicated friends, and over the last 7 months he has wooed and won his lady love. He is faithful and true, a man of integrity. He is a man who demonstrates grace and generosity. He makes this mother proud!

I believe that’s how the Father feels about all His sons (and daughters) as He sees us growing in His likeness, seeking to live a life pleasing to Him. I think He brags on us unashamedly , the same way I have bragged on my boy. I think that as our Daddy watches over us and guides us, he has tears of joyful pride in His eyes. He chooses always to see the potential in us. He sees us as we will be when we have grown into  maturity.

The Father sings over each one of His children even now. It’s the song He will also sing in the future when we meet Him face to face. On the day when He wraps us in His arms for the first dance at the great wedding celebration, He will sing to us a song of unending love and devotion from His heart, a song of affirmation and thankfulness.

How great is that?

What more could we want – knowing we’ve made our Father proud?

p.s. Thanks, Joe, for making me proud. I love you! And yes, thanks for teaching me yet a little more about my Father’s love for me.

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