The Honest Truth

I love my grandchildren. They bring great delight to my heart. They make me laugh and help me to appreciate again the simple things of life. I learn so much from them.

Just recently I was able to spend a week with my two grand-daughters. We did lots of things: pieced together puzzles, played at the park, watched DVD’s,  sang songs, read stories, played letter games, and cuddled.

One night, after supper, their mom and I were out with the 2 girls. Travelling home in the car just before the kids’ bedtime, Sophie (3 1/2 years old) and Alivia (1 1/2 years old) were in their car seats in the back seat.  Alivia was tired and cranky, crying her little eyes out. As her upset body shook with yet another sob, Sophie leaned over to her sister, patted her on the arm and said,  “It’s ok, Alivia. I’m here with you, just like Jesus is here with us – He’s all around us!”

Sophie’s compassion, sensitivity and words of reassurance to her little sister melted my heart.

Sophie’s words were also a timely reminder to me. Sometimes I go through a rough season in my life: challenges, questions, tests of faith, grief and sadness, frustration, anger… you name it. And sometimes I just get tired and cranky. (You know what I mean because you’ve been there too!)  This is when I need a brother or sister to lean in and tell me that I am not alone. I need someone to reassure me that Jesus too is present in His compassion to comfort my weary heart and body. When I cry out because I feel at the end of my rope, I need a reassuring touch telling me that He is here with me, and everything will be ok.

Oh yes, I love my grandchildren! I get a huge warm fuzzy when my grand-daughter wraps her arms around my neck and whispers, “I love you too Grandma”.  Their lives are uncomplicated: they play hard and enjoy life. The simplest things can cause a belly laugh. They live for the moment and don’t worry about the future.  Faith is one of those things that comes easily to a child – they trust that when you throw them in the air you will catch them, that when you say you’ll do something you will do it. It brings me great joy that my grand-daughters are being raised in the knowledge and love of God. To them there is no doubt that Jesus is real, Jesus is present, and Jesus will never let them down.

Jesus loves children.  Jesus loves their honesty and their simple faith – that’s why he encouraged us to become like children. He said “Whoever humbles himself as a little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”(Matthew 18:3)

Last week a  little child reminded me that I need two things in life: I need people who love me and care about me, and I need Jesus. It’s really quite simple … and that’s the honest truth.

I love my grandchildren!

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