Butterfly Kisses

Yesterday my attention was captured by a young daddy and his beautiful little girl.  This papa held his daughter, who was probably about a year old, so tenderly it seemed to me a picture of holy love.  He had eyes for none but her at that moment.

I watched in fascination as he pulled her close to his face and gave her butterfly kisses on her chubby virgin cheek. She smiled.

Then the daddy brushed his lips next to her ear and whispered something special straight to her heart. She touched his face with a look of innocent wonder.

The father ever so gently drew back and blew a puff of breath upon the child’s face. She laughed and wrinkled her button nose. Happiness bubbled from within.

He pulled her close to his chest, enfolding her in a hug that I knew was fierce and protective yet oh-so-comfortable and secure. She settled and nestled her baby head into her papa’s strong shoulder. It didn’t take long.  She was so at peace. With a deep sigh the little girl relaxed. Her eye lids fluttered and soon drooped shut. Just like that she was asleep: trusting, content, without a care in the world.

At that moment I had an insight straight from the heart of God.

Since my beginning I have been held by my heavenly Daddy. His tender eyes are ever vigilant.  He lavishes love on me with kisses of favor and blessing each day. He whispers endearments and words of encouragement deep into my spirit more often than I know.  He breathes on me His breath of life, filling me with joy.  He holds me close, not wanting anyone else to take me from his embrace. I belong to Him.  In His arms I am secure, protected, and at peace. Close to Him I am utterly and completely at rest.

With a Daddy like that what more could a girl ask for?


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