Blessed by a Barbeque

Yesterday Peter and I  were involved in a neighborhood party sponsored by the Life Group that we’re part of at our church. A number of us gathered to provide a free barbeque, friendly conversation and a front yard soccer game with the kids and the young at heart. It was a wonderful time of connecting, meeting new folks, chatting about life and faith, and relaxing under the front yard tree in the shade.

Yesterday’s gathering brought people together who might not have met otherwise. Community feeling was built and sense of connectedness for the residents of the street was reinforced. Our guests returned to their homes well fed physically and socially.

Often when we do something to bless others we find ourselves more blessed in return. Such was the case for me yesterday.

As we reclined in our lawn chairs at the end of the event, our Life Group members spent some time just sharing and reflecting. It had been a good afternoon: we worked effectively together as a team, each one contributed as they were able to make the day a success, we had accomplished what we set out to do and we did it well. We were content and pleased.

But there was more.

As I looked around at the group of individuals I felt love for, and loved by, these people who are more than just my friends from church.

During an extended family gathering at our home recently our little three-year old grand-daughter looked around in wonder at the twenty some people in attendance. With excitement in her eyes she declared: “This is ALL my family. I LOVE my family!”

That’s how I felt yesterday. These people are all my family. I love my family!

Jesus showed us something similar. One day he was sitting around chatting with his followers. “Then he looked at those seated in a circle around him and said … ‘Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother’.”

I am so blessed to belong to the family of God. Together we seek to do God’s will by loving Him, loving others and loving life. We bless and are blessed. That’s the way the Kingdom of God works.

Yesterday I was definitely blessed by a barbeque!




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