Precious in the sight of the Lord

It was not a unique experience. Countless others before me have been awed by it. Countless others will follow who will marvel as I did.

Ten days ago I was able travel to Bloomington,Minnesota to visit my son, his wife Heather, my 2 year old grand-daughter Sophie Grace, and the newest addition to their family. Soon after my arrival I was privileged to hold my second grand-daughter in my arms for the first time.  It was a profoundly delightful and meaningful experience for me to finally meet this little girl face-to-face. As I cuddled Alivia Zoe I examined her features — cute dimple in her right cheek and a little cleft in her tiny chin, lovely deep eyes and downy dark hair, a rosebud mouth searching for her next meal, tiny perfect ears and a little button nose. Precious in the sight of the Lord; precious in my sight. My heart was overwhelmed as I marvelled at God’s handiwork and the miracle of this new creation.

As I gazed upon this child I began to reflect upon Alivia’s life as it stretched out in a fresh clean slate before her. What kind of girl would she become? What manner of young woman would she grow to be? What experiences would she have in this life? As I touched her miniature toes and feet I wondered where those feet would take her – what roads would she travel? And as I caressed her small hands I speculated on what they would touch and feel, how and who they would comfort and love, what dashing young man might someday slip a betrothal ring on her little finger. Who would her children be,  and her grand-children? How would the generations flow?

And then in my spirit I began to pray. I prayed that Alivia would grow to be a godly woman – a woman after God’s own heart… that she would grow in the image of Jesus… that she would teach her children and grand-children well… that God would be first in her life and that she would pass on a godly heritage to all those touched by her life over the years.

All these thoughts and prayers took no more than a few moments, but I believe God heard my heart.

Now I am back home. This morning Alivia was dedicated to Jesus at the church that my son and his family attend. Even though I was not able to be present physically, I was there in spirit. I know that our God has begun a good work in Alivia, and that He will bring it to completion in His time. I thank God that she has parents who love and honor the Lord. I pray that He will guide them and give them much wisdom and grace for the sacred task of parenting. I pray for the divine blessings of love, joy and peace to be present and to overflow in their lives. I thank God for little lives entrusted to us — I pray that as her grandmother I will be able to bring a special blessing into Alivia’s life.

All children are a trust from God — precious in the sight of the Lord. Alivia, my other grand-daughter Sophie, and children everywhere, depend on the other people in their lives to show them just how very precious they are. I am making it my aim to leave a positive and lasting deposit in the generations that follow me. As a woman of God, as a mother and a grandmother, I believe it is my sacred commission and calling to lead and encourage the children in my life. By God’s grace I will be faithful in what He has given me — and all of us — to do.

What are you doing for the children in your life?

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